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If you agree with candidate Linus Spiller's approach to leading District 6 on a smart growth path, please consider making a campaign donation. Ideas and vision doesn't win elections: having enough campaign funds to reach voters with your message does. Even if you don't live in the City of Dallas or in District 6, YOU CAN STILL CONTRIBUTE TO THIS CAMPAIGN! You can live in another state and still contribute.

Consistent with the belief that money should not be wasted on excess and just what is necessary, based on voter turnout in previous elections (the lowest turnout in city council elections going back past 10 years), Linus Spiller is only seeking what is needed to purchase yardsigns to raise the visibility of his campaign, and to send out a few mailers.

That's it.  So any amount you can contribute would be greatly appreciated and put to good use within what is allowable by city code ($1,000 maximum contribution per individual; $1,000 per person, per election).

Political Action Committees may contribute up to $2,500. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law. Please note contributions to the LINUS SPILLER CAMPAIGN are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes..

Support the LINUS SPILLER  Campaign
for Dallas City Council - District 6

Mail checks and money orders to:
Linus Spiller Campaign
P.O. Box 224662
Dallas, Texas 75222

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